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Stress is a normal part of life. Every day, we're faced with stimuli, called stressors, which can elicit the body's "fight or flight" response, setting off a cascade of physiological reactions and resulting in emotions ranging from mild to intense. While occasional stress is natural and even healthy, chronic or acute stress can be harmful. Please take a few moments to discover your body's response to situations you perceive as stressful. By honestly assessing how you feel, your healthcare provider can create a natural stress relief program for your individual needs.


Please read each statement and choose the number in the drop-down "Never True", "Seldom True", "Sometime True" or "Always True" that best describes your feelings or reactions throughout the course of the day. Some questions may appear redundant between sections. There's a reason for each question. Don't spend much time on any one question. Once you complete the assessment, please save the file and email it back to your healthcare practitioner.

For the past two weeks or longer, I...

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